Great people, well maintained equipment, good prices. They have been around forever and know what they’re doing!
Mitchell Sweetz

Fast and easy rental from the Good Ol’ Boys. Very impressive mounted game display withing the store, No seriously, you gotta see this.
Jeffrey M. Reiss

Got what I needed quick and at a reasonable price
Jeremy Smith

Great deals great staff equipment lacks maintenance
Vinni Scariati

Wide variety of construction and heavy-duty tools for contractors.
Steven Rockafellow

WOW what can I say about this and it’s guy. It was the day before getting the hurricane and everyone was sold out of generators But not this place. Me my wife and my 15 month old son drove 30 mins to buy a generator from aldrich. We purchased a generator and something minor needed to be changed but I said I’ll purchase another one a more expensive one. They refunded capital one credit card and reissued the sale but capital one locked my card and refused to release my funds for 2 business days until the refund processed. Visible upset one manager from aldrich got on the phone with capital one for me argued and explained they issued the credit but capital one wouldn’t budge and basically stated they didn’t care if my family died because I couldn’t provide for them after being hit with a hurricane. I’ve cancelled all my capital one credit cards. My family and I left Bank of America raised my limit in minutes and we called aldrich and said were on our way back they don’t hold things for customers but they made an exception. We arrived one of the guys showed me how upset he was at capital one for what they did to us he wrote a long complaint to them on Twitter Facebook ect and got a response from them which still got us no where. We purchased the generator and gas cans and they filled the tanks up for free. WOW these guys know customer service they have a heart and they really care about the customer. I definitely will buy all my equipment from them from now on they went over and beyond. Did more then anyone could ever ask them to. The owner stepped in at one point vs capital one as these guys are amazing and I’m sure the owner knows he’s got 2 great guys upfront working his counter and the guys out back are too. THANK YOU very much for treating my family like yours especially in a scary time thank you for everything it doesn’t go unnoticed and definitely not unappreciated.

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