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Wacker Generator 5600 Watt

High performance generators are designed for construction, industrial, commercial, domestic and farm electrical applications.

Oversize fuel tank with easy to read fuel gauge provides long uninterrupted operation.Super quiet muffler allows quiet operation under all conditions.
120/240 volt power switch provides full 120 volt power or shared power from both 120 and 240 volt receptacles.
Auto-Idle control with time delay automatically reduces engine to a low speed reducing fuel consumption, . noise and protects connected electrical loads. * Heavy-duty lightweight compact frame provides jobsite protection and reduces storage space requirements.
Integral lifting eye to accommodate 3″ hook.
Magnetic circuit breaker protects generator from high current overload conditions.
Premium grade ground fault interrupter (GFI) for weather resistance and increased durability. 120 volt duplex receptacles break circuit due to current losses in the line. * Overhead valve engines with automatic decompression and maintenance-free electronic ignition system provides consistent, easy starting.
Automatic low oil shutdown prevents engine from running with insufficient oil.

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