Stone – Wolfpac 2500 Asphalt Roller


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The WolfPac 2500 Roller is the smart performance pup that has performance, precision and power in a super-rugged, quality-engineered static ride-on roller. The Stone WolfPac 2500 1-1/4 ton static roller delivers years of reliable service. Ideal for applications including driveways, parking lots, bicycle paths, landscaping, pothole repair and small asphalt patching and paving jobs.

  • Exclusive hydrostatic transmission system is hydraulically controlled and hydraulically driven.
  • Standard power steering with a tilted steering wheel increases maneuverability and ease of operation.
  • Neutral ignition interlock assures that the unit cannot be started in gear.
  • Totally enclosed engine that is down and away from the operator reduces noise, increases security.
  • Oversized noncorrosive 30-gal. water tank resists corrosion.
  • Standard: electric key start, 3/8-in.-thick split machined drums, front and rear cocoa mats, adjustable seat and a large tool box.
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