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The Scag Turf Tiger can really cover some ground with its productive 10-mph ground speed and large 10-gal. fuel tank. The Turf Tiger’s wide track stance, low center of gravity, 6-in. wide caster tires and 24-in. drive tires mean sure-footed stability in a variety of cutting conditions. The simple, trouble-free shaft drive cutter deck with 90-degree gear box means minimum maintenance requirements and the widest range of cutting heights on the market. Self-adjusting belt systems constantly adjust the belt tension for maximum belt life and little to no maintenance.

  • Heavy-duty hydraulic drive system includes dual Hydro-Gear pumps, Ross wheel motors and oil coolers for reliable, zero-turn maneuverability.
  • 10 mph-forward and 5 mph-reverse speeds keep productivity at a maximum.
  • Driveshaft driven cutter deck eliminates belt slip and provides increased reliability and longevity compared to a belt drive system.
  • Heavy-duty blade drive spindles provide reliable performance season after season. The Scag spindle is more than tough enough to handle the high horsepower and torque requirements of this mower.
  • 52-in. Advantage cutter deck.
  • A single, 10-gal. fuel tank keeps you in the field cutting grass all day. Fuel tank is positioned low, in the center of the machine, adding to the mower’s low center of gravity and increasing hillside stability.
  • Hydro-Gear BDP-16A (16cc) hydraulic pumps provide smooth, positive and reliable power to the drive wheels. Extra large input bearing, input shaft and internal components add to reliability. Built-in pressure relief valves reduce internal pressure spikes and add to pump life.
  • Auxiliary hydraulic oil cooler keeps oil temperatures within a safe operating level and adds to hydraulic system component life.
  • Double tube frame construction delivers superior strength and ensures years of trouble-free service. The main frame was designed for an ultra-low center of gravity to increase hillside stability.
  • Easily adjust cutting heights from the seat with the convenient, easy to lift, foot pedal. Wide range of adjustment from 1 to 6 in. in 1/4-in. increments (21 different cutting height settings).
  • Twin lever steering controls with dual dampeners for smooth, precise responsiveness. Steering levers are adjustable to fit a wide range of operator sizes, increasing operator comfort.
  • Extra large 24-in drive tires and up to 13 x 6 – 6 caster wheels ensure better traction, less turf tearing and easy curb climbing.
  • Operator-friendly instrument panel includes an ammeter, ignition switch, mower engagement switch, water temperature gauge (23-hp, 27-hp and 29-hp liquid-cooled Kawasaki engines only), separate choke and throttle controls. Hour meter conveniently located at rear of mower near the engine.
  • User-friendly mower design allows quick, clean access to the engine and filters, for easy maintenance. Rear access panel exposes self adjusting PTO, and hydraulic pump drive belts.
  • Engine radiator is mounted in front of the engine, as the engine manufacturer intended. Having the radiator positioned behind the seat offers extra protection against impacts and foreign material. Hydraulic oil cooler is also mounted in front of the radiator for maximum airflow and heat dissipation.
  • Spring-loaded idler arms effortlessly keep belts in constant adjustment for maximum life and minimum maintenance.
  • Excellent hillside stability due to an exceptionally low center of gravity and extra wide stance.
  • High-back, extra cushioned seat with padded adjustable armrests and increased lower back support reduces operator fatigue and increases operator comfort.
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