Dyna Digger Power Shovel


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Let Dyna-Diggr do the work. Dig a tree or palm 10x faster than using a regular shovel. The Dyna-Diggr is a one-man show, and the ideal work-mate for tree farmers, landscapers, nurserymen, etc., or to anyone who needs a helping hand! The Dyna-Diggr is a (Patented), Power Spade-Shovel that can save you time, energy, and money! This new innovative tool works great for digging or planting trees, shrubs, etc.! This little machine takes the “dig” out of digging! No More “brute force” or “sweat of the brow” techniques. Life just simply doesn’t have to be so hard! “Work Smart, Not Hard”! This Dyna-Diggr comes equipped with a 2-Cycle, 2-Stroke, Techumseh Engine, with an 18″ Blade, and weighing only 43 lbs. The Dyna-Diggr has the ability to dig Round or Square holes! This is the ideal work-mate for tree farmers, landscapers, tree & plant nurseries, etc.!

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