Stihl – MS 360 20″ Chain Saw


Minimum 1 day rental all saws have a new chain.

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Engineered for the professional who demands performance. Stihl’s professional saws offer excellent power in a lightweight package. Also, Stihl’s precision-balanced saws provide outstanding handling and reliability under the most difficult cutting conditions. Their excellent power-to-weight ratio and perfect ergonomic form reduce operator fatigue when cutting medium- to big-size timber.

Features include the Sthil Elastostart special starter handle that ensures that the machine can be started uniformly and without jerks. Reliable starting and trouble-free operation are guaranteed by the electronic ignition module, which is completely encapsulated and therefore unaffected by dirt and moisture.
The decompression valve ensures that some of the compressed mixture can escape from the cylinder in a controlled manner when starting the machine, thus reducing the effort required to pull the starter rope. The controller in the carburetor ensures that the fuel-air mixture does not become richer as the air filter becomes more clogged. The ratio of fuel to air and the engine output remain constant over a longer period of time, as do the fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

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