Schonstedt – Pipe & Cable Locator


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The MAC-51Bx consists of a receiver and a transmitter that simultaneously transmits on two frequencies: 571 Hz (LF) and 82.5 KHz (HF). The receiver has a three-position switch to change modes “on-the-fly” between LO, HI, and MAG, for cable and line tracing with break locating, pinpointing a ferrous metal target, or identifying and pinpointing an energized 50/60 Hz power line. Features include:

  • Two active frequencies for pipe, cable and line tracing
  • Passive operation for locating iron and steel targets and energized 50/60Hz power lines
  • Inductive and conductive signal coupling
  • Extra heavy-duty clips and cable
  • Five sensitivity settings
  • Receiver supplied with two environmentally friendly 9-volt lithium batteries
  • Piezoelectric speaker
  • 45-degree depth measurement
  • Patented HeliFlux sensors
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