Greenlee G6 Turbo Wire Puller

Daily Rate $240.00

Week Rate $840.00


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Our Newest Wire Tugger the Greenlee G6 Turbo.

4000 LB Continuous, 5000 LB Intermittent, 6000 LB Momentary Pulling Capacity

Setup in less than 60 seconds!!!

  • No loose pieces, allowing quick changeover for easy transport
  • No adapter needed, easily clamp to conduit in seconds
  • Dual capstans increase pulling speeds and maximize efficiency
  • Two speed motor specially designed for 6,000 pound pulls
  • Circuit breaker monitor for safe auto shutoff and extend motor life
  • Force indicator prevents damage to puller
  • Build in dolly for fast easy transport
  • Ergonomic design eliminates heavy lifting during setup
  • Right-angle sheave allows the operator to stand out of the direct line of force


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