BlueBird International – Tip Tow 10′ Towable Engine Lift


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Tip Tow 10 Towable Lift

Designed for heavier applications, the Tip Tow 3000, Tip Tow II and Tip Tow 10 are engineered for perfect balance and easy towing with couplers that fit eaither 2″ or 2 1/8″ balls.

The Tip Tow 10 is perfect for situations where long reach and high lift are required. Boom hooks can be raised to a full 10 feet, making it the ideal lift for jacked-up 4×4′s, boat engines (even on trailers) and airplane engines.

The unique gooseneck design lets users reach into engine compartments without touching the surrounding structure.


Weight: 530 lbs..
Outer Hook: 1,500 pounds
Inner Hook: 2,000 pounds
Towing Wheels: 4.8 x 8
Bearings in Tow Wheels: High speed, tapered cone bearings
Coupler: Standard-Fulton for 2” and 2 1/8” ball.

  • The hooks on the booms are grab hooks allowing the chain to be adjusted to any height
  • The boom chains are long to hook into the base when towing to prevent the lift from “jack-knifing”
  • The Tip Tow II and the Tip Tow 10 have two hooks on the boom with different lifting capacities.
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